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October 24, 2020

Basics of good web design

If you’re a small business owner like myself, I am sure this thought has crossed your mind: should I build my own website? Depending on your time, capabilities and budget, designing your own website is always an option – but if you’re not familiar with font hierarchy, colour codes, pixels, optimizing photos for web, etc. then I’d leave the designing to a professional.

In college I learned the basics of web design (plus more which I chose to forget … like PHP, Javascript, and JSON) and so I am familiar with coding HTML and CSS style sheets, however, there are so many drag & drop website builders today that you don’t necessarily need to understand the coding language. That being said, you should still understand the basics of good web design. Here are my top 3:

1. Font hierarchy

It is important that you establish an order of importance with your type (+ choose fonts that complement each other, also known as “font pairings”).

2. Dreamy colour palette

For me, colour is everything. I suggest choosing a complementary colour palette of 4 to 6 colours and determining the use for each – primary, secondary, or accent colour? Make sure to save the hexadecimal codes for use in web design.

3. Quality stock images

There’s nothing worse than pixelated, water-marked or very obvious (and cold) stock images. What I mean by the last point is images that are clearly staged and “cool” in colour and nature vs. natural, warm and welcoming. If you have not been able to do a stylized brand shoot with a professional photographer, then some well-sourced and cohesive stock images always work!

Of course, there are other important elements that make up good website design, but I thought I’d start with my top 3. I hope this helps!

Make waves – Steph

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