Frequently Asked Questions

how long does the process take?

The Custom Brand Design package takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks from start to finish. 
The Branding + Website Design package takes anywhere from 10-12 weeks. 

Once booked, I will create a proposed timeline (with both designer and client deadlines to ensure we stay on track) that is considerate of weekends and holidays.


Payment options include e-transfer or cheque. 

Custom Brand Design package: three (3) instalments (beginning, middle, end)
Branding + Website Design package: five (5) instalments (biweekly)


A secondary logo is essentially an alternate logo that uses the same elements as your primary logo just in a different composition! In today’s day & age, one logo is never enough – there are so many different applications and touch points out there that one logo doesn’t always cut it or fit the space beautifully. i.e. a long, horizontal [rectangular] logo may be best for storefront signage, whereas a more compact [circle or square] logo is best for social media. Make sense?

Brand marks are additional design elements that complement your brand and provide more flexibility. Think letter mark or decorative elements such as waves, dots and other shapes.


‘Favicon’ is short for ‘favourite icon’ and is the small icon that is displayed in the tab of your web browser when a particular page is open (or open in another tab). It essentially provides a visual shortcut and improves user-experience on the web. Look up at my favicon (on desktop) – see the little 't' icon? It’s a visual cue that you’re on my page, Tidal Design Studio. 


A Brand Guide is essentially your rulebook or set of standards that defines your branding. It references your mission and tone and includes your mood board, primary logo, secondary logo, favicon, brand marks, colour palette (including colour codes), typography recommendations, best practices (what not to do) and explains all the different file formats you are given and when to use them. It’s everything you’ll need to keep your branding consistent in one little book. 

do you offer logo design on its own?

Not typically, however, if you're not ready to commit to the Custom Brand Design package, please reach out for a custom quote. It's important to note that logo design is only one part of a brand identity and is incomplete on its own. Imagine you're given a logo ... now what? Which fonts and colours do you pair with it? What happens when you need a more compact version? Do you have complementary brand marks and design elements to maintain a consistent visual and tone? These are all taken into consideration when building out a successful and holistic brand. 

what website platform do you use?

Websites are built using either the Showit or Squarespace platforms. Based on your needs, I will make a suggestion in regards to which platform I feel is a better fit for your business. What are the main differences?

Showit: more design flexibility, best for blogging, requires blog and e-commerce third-party plug-ins (added cost)
Squarespace: simple website with no bells and whistles, easy to update, blog and e-commerce built-in to cost

Both are clean, responsive and user-friendly and together we can decide on the best option for you.

do you design social media graphics, marketing materials and other "stuff"?

Yes, of course! I am always open to other design work. Please reach out for a custom quote. 

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